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Business text marketing and
SMS reminders by SecureText UK...

Add value to your service by keeping customers informed.

  • Easy to use, helps you keep in touch with your customers and employees.
  • No set up or ongoing costs. Just pay as you go for the texts that you use.
  • Ideal for business text marketing and appointment reminders.
  • Use any internet connected computer to send a text to one or many recipients simultaneously.
  • Secure account login and control panel personal to you.
  • Create your own address books and contact groups.
  • Send texts immediately or queue them for a future date and time.
  • Works with all UK mobile networks.
  • Many additional facilities to run your text service just how you need it.

Whether you want to keep in touch with customers, employees or team members, text messaging provides an efficient and reliable means for getting your message across. You could let customers know that their order has been dispatched, remind clients or employees of appointments, arrange project meetings, or send bulk business text marketing messages. Unlike postal and courier services, your message can be instantly delivered direct to your recipient, and unlike email it must be read before being deleted.

There are over 70 million handsets in the UK and with 114 million texts sent every day, text messaging provides a reliable and quick method of contacting almost anyone. Messages can be delivered in seconds, direct to the recipient and without being blocked or filtered.

Our web based interface allows you to quickly create and send text messages using any internet connected computer. You can send texts to a single mobile or multiple recipients simultaneously and all messages can either be sent immediately or scheduled for a specific time. Address books and contact groups allow you to save and organise your recipients for future use making it easier and quicker to send your messages. You can even import your own database and use existing numbers and contact groups.

Additional facilities are available for integrating our SMS facilities into your website to allow automatic confirmations, use of text shortcodes, competitions, premium rate numbers, text to email, email to text and more. We can also manage and run business text marketing campaigns, competitions, sms voting and multimedia messages.

For more information text ATOM to 82055 or use our online contact form.

"Business text marketing and SMS reminders by SecureText UK to keep you in touch with your customers and employees."

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Premium Rate Numbers to Charge Your Customers

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